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Wetsuits is the main part of our business and we pride ourselves on having a huge range from the best wetsuit brands available. Our warehouse is always full with over 10,000 suits from O’Neill Wetsuits, RipCurl Wetsuits and Billabong Wetsuits. We also ensure we have ranges from Kite specific brands like Mystic Wetsuits and also wetsuits from brand like Neil Pryde and Ion who have suits that tend to suit wind related sports like Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. More recently we have started stocking Wetsuits for SUP (Stand up Paddle boarding) They tend to be shorted arm versions to help with flexibility. In summer we also sell the full range of Orca triathlon wetsuits.

O'Neill HyperFreak

The 2016 3x2 O'Neill Hyperfreak is a fantastic mid-range summer wetsuit. Constructed with super soft TechnoButter neoprene making it light weight, flexible and warm.

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Mens Winter Wetsuits

Womens Winter Wetsuits