How to Improve your Kitesurf Jumping

A Guide to Mastering the Technique of Kitesurfing Jumps

How to Improve your Kitesurf Jumping

A Guide to Mastering the Technique of Kitesurfing Jumps

Kitesurfing is a thrilling sport that combines wind and waves to create an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking to reach new heights in your kitesurfing adventures, mastering the technique of jumping is key. In this guide, we’ll show you how to jump high and land with grace.

Before boosting to the moon you will need tothink about the following:

1: Master the Basics Before you can jump high, it’s important to have a solid foundation in kitesurfing. Make sure you’re comfortable with riding upwind and are comfortable controlling the kite. Speed and good kite control are the biggest parts of jumping well.

2: Check your equipment is in good working order and the kite is a suitable size for the conditions you are going to be riding in.

3: Stay Safe Safety should always be your top priority when kitesurfing. Forjumping you need to be aware of everyone else around you so watch where and when others jump at your local spot.

4: Choose the Right Location when jumping high. Look for a spot with plenty of space and good wind conditions that will allow you to build up speed and get the kite in the right position. Water depth is curcial to take into account as you dont wat to be falling into water less than thigh deep.

5: Visualize Your Jumps in the conditions you will be riding. Its great watching the worlds best in Tarifa and SIuth Africa jumping high in 40-50 knots but for most of us thats not reality. Mental preparation is an important part of kitesurfing. Visualize yourself jumping high and landing smoothly, and focus on the feeling of being in control and confident in the air.

Now you are all prepped to start jumping bigger its time to get practicing. The following tips will help Improving Your Jumping Technique

Timing is key to going big so practice.

Send the kite as your edge hard against it to create line tension.

As the kite reaches the 12 or just past it pull in hard on the bar.

Release edge and pop off the tail of the board.

Keep the bar sheeted in. This will keep the kite from going further upwind and will also keep lifting you.

Stay in control: Once you’re in the air, maintain a neutral posture and keep your eyes focused on where you want to go and your arms relaxed, which will help you land smoothly.

Land smoothly: The key to landing smoothly is using the kite. As you come down from the apex of your jump sheet out a little and steer the kite back gently behind you so that you can then steer the kite forward and sheet in before landing. This will sheeting in and steering the kite in your direction of movement will help you land soft and downwind which will give control.

In conclusion, mastering the technique of kitesurfing jumps takes time and practice. The timing of your kite steering, pop and sheeting in are the key to success and the faster th kite moves and the hard you edge the bigger you will go.

Kit wise you can jump on anything but if you really want to go big your equipment really needs to be suitable. Make sure you check out all the big air kites on the King Of Watersports Website.

Happy jumping!

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