Mystic is a top-tier watersports brand that embodies the spirit of adventure and pushing boundaries. Inspired by a team of world-class athletes, industry legends, and water enthusiasts, Mystic's products are designed with the needs and vision of those who live and breathe water sports.


The Stealth Bar is the result of 3D computer modelling and countless hours of on-water testing. The Stealth Bar offers a truly unrivaled level of fit, support, comfort, and performance.



The brand's commitment to innovation and technology is evident in every product line, as they strive to constantly raise the bar and challenge what's possible. Whether you're storm chasing, swell hunting, or just looking for the ultimate in performance and style, Mystic has you covered. Join the team of pioneers, style icons, and watermen and women who have made Mystic their brand of choice, and experience the thrill of the ride.