F-One is a highly regarded brand in the watersports world, offering top-notch equipment for kiteboarding and foiling. With a strong commitment to innovation and performance, they are a popular choice for both beginner and advanced enthusiasts.Their foiling range includes a range of foils, boards, and accessories that are designed to provide a unique and exciting experience, while their kiteboarding range features kites that are suitable for different wind conditions and riding styles.

F-One is available at King of Watersports, a leader in watersports retail. With a passion for the sport and a focus on quality, F-One is a reliable choice for anyone looking for the best equipment for their next watersports adventure. King of Watersports is committed to providing top-notch products and excellent customer service, making it the perfect place to purchase your F-One equipment.


F-One Foil Collection 2022
The purest connection between the rider and the ocean now has a new collection.
Feel more, ride better, experience the unexpected.
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Pride of place in the King of Watersports office, a vivid yellow F-One Kiteboard from 1998. The shapes and board technology has changed a little since then as F-One continues to launch some of the best kitesurfing kit on the market. New for 2017 and already flying off the shelves is the F-One Carbon Kitefoil range - have you tried it yet?