Discover the best in kitesurfing with Cabrinha, the premium brand known for its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and exceptional performance. Offering a range of kites, boards, and accessories to suit kitesurfers of all skill levels and styles, Cabrinha is the go-to choice for riders seeking the ultimate experience. With a strong focus on safety and sustainability, Cabrinha is trusted by serious kitesurfers everywhere. Upgrade your gear and ride the waves with confidence, thanks to Cabrinha - Available from King of Watersports, consistently one of the world's largest Cabrinha retailers for the past 15 years


04 Cabrinha Range

Not all things are created equally, and neither should they be. We all have different requirements, different points of focus, different needs. For some, they just want to get out there and enjoy mother nature’s finest, for others they are looking for that little bit extra to help them push their boundaries or that of the sport.
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Cabrinha Sale

Since 2000, Cabrinha has climbed the ranks to take the position as the leading kitesurfing brand. 2023 aims to push Cabrinha to the top of the kite world. A new team of riders paired with Cabrinha's biggest single launch of new kit is going to make 2023 a year to remember for Cabrinha. N

With the foucs for kites being based around the frame and materials, the whole range has been overhauled to make them easier to use whilst extracting more performance. The 2023 range will see a kite suitable for everyone no matter your style or level.

Introducing the Nitro, a new kite for 2023, this kite is desiigned to go big and put the Cabrinha team at the top of Big Air Competition. A lightweight frame and canopy with high end performance characteristics.

The Switchblade has been one of the best selling kites ever and for this year the kite returns with a Hybrid Frame giving it all the support it needs but with increased response. The perfect kite for all levels of freerider.

The Moto X takes the ever popular Moto and re-establishes it as one of the best all round kites out there. The moderate aspect shape paired with the reactive wing tips gives this kite speed and manouverability.

The Drifter returns for all the pure wave riders. This lighter version of the kite gives even more drift than before but now with extra manouverability this kite has the power for those looking to take their wave game to the air.

The Contra stays as a split range with the 3 Strut again being made with a lighter weight frame meaning you get even more power and performance in the lighter winds. The 1 Strut Contra Aether is the lightest kite in the range making it easier to fly when the wind is light.