Reedin Kiteboarding

Damien Girardin and Kevin Langeree, two experienced riders with a deep passion for kiteboarding, have joined forces to create Reedin - a brand that aims to deliver an unparalleled riding experience and inspire riders to enjoy every session.

With years of riding, designing, and developing their love for the sport, they have combined their talents to build a kite brand that appeals to riders of all levels. Their passion for kiteboarding and dedication to product design has fueled their journey to create the "perfect kite gear." Get ready for an inspired kiteboarding experience with Reedin!

Reedin HYPERMODEL - Powered by Aluula

Introducing Reedin HYPERMODEL: Engrained with SUPERMODEL DNA, hypercharged with ALUULA. Lighter and stronger with a thinner LE for instant response, means faster, tighter loops that catch much earlier, giving you glide for days to land your single or multiple loop variations with ease.
The smaller diameter LE has less drag, making HYPERMODEL so much faster. This means more apparent wind so you can go out in the lightest breeze, or grab a smaller kite than you usually would. Being up to 25% lighter than a SUPERMODEL HTF, everything benefits. It means quicker to the edge of the wind-window for longer hangtime, safer loops, and incredible drift for foiling and waveriding without any worry for backstalls.
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