Reedin Kiteboarding

After years of riding, designing, and developing an even deeper passion for kiteboarding, Damien Girardin and Kevin Langeree have fused their talents to build Reedin—a kite brand that aims to create an incomparable riding experience and inspires riders to enjoy every session. Their passion for kiteboarding and product design has propelled the journey to develop the “perfect kite gear” that appeals to all riders.

Reedin Collection

Kevin and Damien share the same passion for being out on the water, and this lies deep in the foundation of Reedin. We've actively worked with our team and put endless hours of research and development into all our products. These efforts make all our sessions even better, as well as yours. We have gone beyond what we thought was possible and that's why we're very proud to present our entire new collection.
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