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    Zeeko Airwave 5'2 V3 Foil Board
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Zeeko Airwave 5'2 V3 Foil Board

£682.48 ex VAT (USD933.63)

The Zeeko Airwave V3 5'2 is a modern board that reduce your quiver to the maximum. A board for strapless, surfing and even for foiling.

Design details



  • 5’2 X 18 3/8 X 2 or 158cm X 47cm X 5.1cm
  • 22 liters
  • Compact shape surf board, high performance
  • Thruster fin set up (fins supplied)
  • 2 optional US rails to connection a hydrofoil
  • Strapless, one or two straps setting
  • Weight 3kg (+/- 10%) or 3.7kg with Foil connexion
  • Full Vacuum PVC Sandwich Construction


The last generation of the AIRWAVE 5 ‘ 2 has been completely redesigned.
The board introduce a modern shape, with an increase surfing and strapless riding ability. The compact square nose is ideal for strapless tricks(more control and easy to maneuver the board in the air).
The kick tail of the board was studied for a maximum of radicality and control in waves.
The Airwave 5’2 is the ultimate WORLD WIDE WAVE.
The thruster fin set up increases the control during carving and the reinforcements under the feet area free the mind of the hardcore riders in the waves and for strapless tricks.

ACCESSIBILITY & FREERIDE / ideal for learning and evolving

The reduced length of the board, thanks to the square nose, makes it very responsive and provides a high level of control.
During jumps, the Wind surface is minimal allowing innovative tricks.
The board can be equipped by straps for extrem carvings even with choppy waves.

AIRWAVE: One board for strapless and wave riding (optional foil connexion)

Bottom and rails

The board is design for extrem carving. The sligh V bottom at the back is switched into a flat bottom on the front for a quick rail to rail carving.
The thruster fin set up offers a predictive drive and an increased maneuverability. The thin rails give an ideal grip during the bottom turns and an excellent pop.


The scoop of the board is designed in three sections:

  • A radical kick tail gives an extreme maneuverability to the board.
  • The center section is progressive allowing the board not to bounce the water.
  • The front rocker line is flatter giving more pop for strapless tricks.


The deck of the board is slightly bulging for a quick rail to rail switch. In addition this design improves the comfort.


The tail pad is supplied with a kick tail and a arch bar for maximum adhesion and control in turns.
The board can be equipped by a front full pad with a bumper (optional) to increase the control during strapless jumps.
Riders can also use this board with was only.
The mat paint is perfect for grabs and increase the glide of the board.

Track system for the foil connection (optional)

The foil connection has been designed for maximum stiffness and durability.
The use of two US rails (90mm apart) allows for an adjustable setting of the foil position.
Measurements are present under the board to always attach the foil to the desired location.
The foil Attachment pack (M6x35mm screws + plastic washers + stainless steel washers + nuts x 4) is included with the board.


The board can be ridden strapless, with one or two straps.
The Airwave is equipped with 5 positions for straps, combined with US rails to screw the foil under the board, which will also please owners of foils other than ZEEKO.

Sandwich construction

For a better weight/performance ratio, the board is made of PVC/fiberglass sandwich. The high density core makes it very resistant to wedging. Shaper- type vacuum manufacturing makes it possible to have an incredible weight/resistance ratio.
The US boxes are reinforced for kite-surfing use without compromise.
All the boxes (US rails, straps inserts, plugs) are reinforced with high density foam PVC and fiberglass.
The board is reinforced at critical locations (rails, feet).