Wainman Hawaii Mr Green 7.5m Kitesurfing Kite 2015

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Wainman Mr Green 7.5 - A newer member that joined the series in the 2.0 release, but rapidly gained popularity and respect. With a redesigned shape, the 3.0 Mr. G has much lower bar pressure and considerably improved lift and hang time.

Design details

Size: 7.5m

Includes: kite, backpack, lightbag, pump, repair kit, set of WH stickers

Combined with the new graphical scheme and user-friendly characteristics, it may be a “dark horse” in the entire RG 3.0 series.

Key Features

  • Wide Wind Range
  • Versatile Performance
  • Single Point Inflation
  • Effortless Re-Launch

The 3rd generation of our flagship product has gone through a defined & strategic modification process while maintaining the previous Rabbit generations’ unique feel and performance characteristics. The R&D team has enhanced the performance in each size, while focusing on improved construction and features of the complete package (Kite/Bar/Bag).

Improved upwind and jumping performance combined with the legendary Rabbit power delivery, stability, re-launch, depower abilities and wind range separate the product from any other in the industry. The entire Rabbit Gang 3.0 range offers a single point inflation system (Rabbit Air Flow - RAF), durable construction, adjustable bar pressure, direct and responsive handling and a proven safety system. The RG 3.0 package is completed by the re-engineered “RG 3.0 control bar” and the all-new, redesigned RG 3.0 kite bag.

During the rigorous design process of the new RG 3.0 kites and bar, it was our priority to continue development of this legendary product to achieve the same result as in the past - no matter if you are a seasoned Rabbit rider or a potential new one to the gang, when riding the RG 3.0 kites you will be ensured the best session of your life!!!