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    Slingshot Rally 2017 Kite
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Slingshot Rally 2017 Kite

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The 2017 Slingshot Rally is a kite that will deliver well in all disciplines of the sport. Casual or entry-level kiters will love the 2017 Rally’s big range, excellent depower and easy of relaunch, while more experienced kiters will appreciate its lofty airs, upwind ability and excellent downwind drift.

Design details

SKU 17130


Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 14m

The Slingshot 2017 Rally is a user-friendly all-around performance freeride kite that will deliver well in all conditions.
The 2017 Rally’s Delta-C shape delivers you unmatched flying confidence. Its compact pulley-less bridle delivers precision turning with effortless bar pressure and it can be fine-tuned to match your personal style. You can fly the Rally confidently in any condition with Slingshot’s bomber Surf tough construction. The Rally performs exceptionally well in flatwater and waves, making it a great choice for riders who want a solid crossover kite for surfing as well as freeriding.

2017 Slingshot Rally Features:

  • One kite for all conditions: the ultimate all-around freeride shape
  • Kite more, worry less w/ huge range & excellent depower
  • Easiest relaunch in the industry
  • Best kite for learning: instant depower, effortless relaunch & slingshot’s legendary surf tough construction
  • Fine tune your kite w/ multiple attachment points & light bar pressure

The 2017 Rally features a compact-direct connect pulley-less bridle with three connection points (per side) on the leading edge and a single connection on the wingtips. This configuration is engineered to give the Rally its renowned range and depower, turning speed, easy of relaunch and unrivaled upwind performance. For customized performance, the 2017 Rally’s wingtip bridle can be connected at three different points, which allows for tuning of bar pressure, kite feedback and steering speed.

Blends the proven C-kite performance characteristics like power, stability, edging, control and direct feel with the additional advancements of an innovative Delta shape to deliver faster turns, improved aerodynamics and increased rigidity with more stability.

Slingshot Rally Kite & Bar Size Compatibility Chart:

Kite Size Windrange (KN) Bar Size
5m 26-40+ 17"or20"
6m 22-35 17"or20"
7m 19-32 17"or20"
8m 17-31 17"or20"
9m 14-27 20"
10m 13-25 20"
11m 11-23 20"
12m 9-22 20"
14m 7-17 20"or23"


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Tech specs

Slingshot Rally Kite 2017 Customize power Customize power, bar pressure, response and handling with multiple attachment points:
The 2017 Rally features multiple attachment points that allow riders to fine-tune the kite’s handling and performances based on their riding style and the conditions of a particular session. You can choose different settings for boosting big, for unhooked freestyle, for user-friendly depower or for riding waves..
Slingshot Rally Kite 2017 Bomber Slingshot construction Bomber Slingshot construction
Slingshot’s bombproof durability gives riders the trust and confidence they need to push themselves, and their gear, to new limits. Slingshot kites hold up exceptionally well over time and have a high resale value.
Slingshot Rally Kite 2017 Split Strut technology Split Strut technology
SplitStrut integrates the kite’s canopy and struts into one firmly interconnected piece. This is a major design element in all of Slingshot’s kites, and it results in a stronger, more stable and far more durable canopy.
Slingshot Rally Kite 2017 ONE PUMP SPEED SYSTEM Slingshot’s ONE PUMP SPEED SYSTEM
The One Pump Speed System makes inflating your kite quick and easy; simply attach your hose and pump your entire kite from one convenient valve.