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    Slingshot Dually V5 Footstraps 2021

Slingshot Dually V5 Footstraps 2021

£149.17 ex VAT (USD199.14)

The Slingshot Dually is quickly becoming known as one of the most comfortable and supportive footsteps on the market.

Design details

SKU: 121381005

With an ergonomic triple density EVA footbed, this system will make any landing feel soft and buttery. With a proven 4 point adjustment strap, you can easily customize the size and position of the Dually closure to ensure the best fit for you.


  • Four-point, Dual-zone Closure System
  • Cushy EVA Footbeds
  • Universal Mounting System
  • Grip-improving Texture and Toe Ridges
  • Customizable Heel Inserts (soft or firm)

Package Includes: Dually V5, M6 mounting hardware