Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite

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The B3 is Slingshot's original 3m/2-line foil trainer kite. The B-3 has a proven reputation as the best trainer kite ever produced and is easy to fly.

Design details

The Slingshot B3 Trainer kite is Slingshot's original 2-line foil light traction trainer kite. The Slingshot B-3 is hands down one of the best light traction kites on the market.

The Slingshot B-3 kite is durable and has the right amount of pull to get you going. With 3 square meter surface the Slingshot B3 generates good amount of power that can get you going wither with a skateboard on the parking lot, skis on the slopes, or even landboard on packed surface.

Features and Advantages:

  • B-3 kite
  • Lightweight aluminum control bar
  • Compact storage bag
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Support membership