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    Slingshot Alien Air 2016 Foil Kiteboard
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Slingshot Alien Air 2016 Foil Kiteboard

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The 2016 Slingshot Alien Air is a proven board for all around performance and user-friendly foiling progression. Featuring robust bamboo laminate construction, a concave deck, scooped nose, wide body and movable track mounting system, the Alien Air is board that will get you up, foiling and having a blast.

Design details

With the Alien Air you get:

  • A board for all conditions
  • No pearling/nose-diving
  • Smooth, agile handling
  • Best board for learning, yet a great board for all levels of riding
  • Adjustable pedestal mount
  • Customizable foot strap options
  • Design by legendary shaper Tony Logosz
  • Durable, quality construction

Length: 56” (142.2cm)
Width: 21.5” (54.6cm)
Thickness: 2.75” (7cm)
Volume: 39.4L
Weight: 9.8lbs (4.44kg)
Track mount dimensions: 90mm x 254 mm (9cm x 25.4cm)

The Alien Air is a surf style board designed for all aspects of foiling. Its flip tip snub nose design offers decreased swing weight and still offers confidence for touch and goes with the foil.

The chined rail bottom feature helps reduce drag if the board touches the water while aggressively edging through big chop. Constructed with durable carbon composite rails and strut reinforcements. It has a concave deck, full deck pad, and footstrap inserts. The Alien Air can be ridden with 3 straps (race style) 2 straps (surf style) or strapless.