RRD Airwave V2 8'8 Inflatable SUP Board 2015

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Designed specifically to start riding waves. With a special narrow nose, tail and and increased nose rocker, the AirWave V2 boards are easy paddlers and can catch waves on demand. RRD have slightly reduced the width to 30” on both models to allow more fin grip and make them a little more surf orientated. They will also allow you to do bottom and top turns almost as if you were using a composite board.

Design details


  • SUP Bag
  • Fins
  • Pump
  • FREE Mainland European Delivery
  • FREE 3-piece Paddle
  • FREE Waterproof Phone Holder
  • FREE Leash

Size: 8'8""

Built with a new “ Sandwich Dyneema Belt “ that wraps the whole contour of the board on the deck and bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 30% stiffer than any conventional Inflatable board.

Size (inch): 8’8” x 30” x 4 3/4”
Size (cms): 4” 264 X 76 X 12
Volume: 145
Fins: 1 x single fin US + 2 x side fins


  • Sandwich Dyneema belt
  • 70% Double skin construction