Ride Engine Compression Bag


Ride Engine Compression Bag: When space is at a premium, Ride Engine’s compression bag is an invaluable tool in reducing bulk and keeping items compact. The bag is made of durable rip-stop nylon and feature a synch-tight top and four horizontal compression straps.

Design details

SKU: 36410010

  • A lightweight, compact bag of many uses
  • Pack it full, synch it down and take up less space
  • Great for compressing sleeping bags, towels, clothing and gear when traveling
  • Fit two kites in one bag
  • Doubles as travel pillow when stuffed

Additionally, a padded shoulder strap makes this an excellent option as an ultra-light bag you can stash away and use when you need a little extra carrying power.


  • Made from durable rip-stop nylon
  • Synch-tight top keeps contents contained
  • Four compression straps (two on each side)
  • Padded shoulder strap