• Prolimit Mercury 6/4 Backzip Wetsuit 2015
  • Prolimit Mercury 6/4 Backzip Wetsuit 2015
  • Prolimit Mercury 6/4 Backzip Wetsuit 2015
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Prolimit Mercury 6/4 Backzip Wetsuit 2015

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Styled and designed with the idea of comfort and simplicity. Based on Prolimit's C6 but with the specific mercury panel layout. Perfect for cold conditions and any water challenge.

Design details

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FTM seam
FTM stands for our Fluid Taping Method. Triple glued seams with the outside of the seam sealed of by a wider neoprene seal The inside of seam is protected by our glued and blind stitched technology. The advantage of the FTM seam is the stretch seam and creates a durable and watertight seam.

Water repellant coating
Wind-chill is the biggest reason for having cold suits. On double lined suits, the outer layer is made out of fabric which absorbs water and gives the wind-chill. This is called evaporative cooling. Prolimit is using a water repellant coating which avoids the fabric to absorb water and reduces the wind-chill factor significantly.

Shin pads
High density neoprene inserted shin pads are well protected your shin area against impact for radical maneuvers and freestyle action.

Key pocket
Located at the outside of the lowerleg outseam and constructed out of Airflex2 neoprene, this key pocket is easy to access and completely secure featuring a elastic cord and drainhole.

Water seal cuff
Our water seal cuff is the perfect water seal. The arm cuff seal eliminates over expansion and seal out water.

Fused technology
Upgraded from a raw neoprene edge. This squashed edge feels soft, keeps maximum strech and is more durable. We apply this new technology on our collars. On our highend suits we have it on our leg and arm cuffs.

Fitted collar
Easily recognizable by it´s U shape we created a collar which is undoubtly the most comfortable feeling wetsuit collar on the market. Releasing the pressure on your throat and still being extremely flexible, wide adjustability with a secure lock down.

Velcro leg cuffs
Prolimit Velcro adjustable leg cuffs. Provide a secure lock down, less water entry, easy access and high comfort. Featured on Global series and Pure Girl Fire wetsuits.

Ezi zipper puller
Patented by Prolimit. Inventions do not have to be complex. Our EZi zipper uphaul puller shows exactly this. Using a tubular webbing which extends with 30% we avoid the flapping uphaul cord while you still can close and open the zipper without being a contortionist.

Airflex 550
Prolimit constructed the Airflex550+ neoprene. The most flexible neoprene available with 550% stretch. Made out of Airflex550+ neoprene is offering incredible flexibility and minimal resistance while moving. On certain ranges and area´s Airflex550+ is used strategically for maximum flexibility. On our high end series our suits are completely made out of Airflex550+ neoprene.

Zodiac lining
Named after the apparent path of the sun our Zodiac lining makes the heat noticeable on the inside of your wetsuit. Easy to recognize and with an increased comfort. The Zodiac lining absorbs water easily and makes the outside of the material noticeable dryer than any other lining. Moisture is absorbed by the second layer giving the outside a dry feeling.

Triple glued panels are stitched together with a special stitching method. Partially puncturing the neoprene to keep the water tightness of the seam/wetsuit. Each thread is protected by a tape at the end. Our perfect finish makes our glued and blindstiched wetsuit undestroyable!

Long life and durable neoprene knee.

Leg drain holes
We all are familiar with water being trapped in the wetsuit causing huge neoprene balloons above the ankle when using the ankle straps but also the disadvantage of not using the ankle strap. To overcome this we constructed the leg drain holes. The drain holes are forcing out any water which might enter your suit.