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    Peter Lynn Hook Kite

Peter Lynn Hook Kite

From: £790.81

The new Peter Lynn Hook has been designed to combine rider comfort with outrageous performance, they made this new kite especially for the rider that’s been around and has seen it all. The Peter Lynn Hook is built for those who are looking for smooth airtime more than anything else. Smooth power build-up and upwind ability, big air and buttery landings. Everything you need for epic sessions all year round.

Design details

SIZES: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16m


By taking a state of the art high Aspect Ratio, 5 strut frame and shaving off as much weight as possible, Peter Lynn have created a wing that is equally rigid as it is agile. The Hook’s firm frame delivers the stability you can expect from a Peter Lynn kite, while its performance profile allows you to ride at astonishing speeds and boost to the moon.

The Hook is kept nicely in check by the 4 point, single pulley bridle, that allows for direct controls and quick, round turning without being harsh on the body. The semi-square wingtips deliver consistent power and lift through turns.

The Hook represents a prime example of our four decades of kite design experience. Fusing everyday refinement and usability into a rigid and highly efficient wing, without compromising strength and longevity. The kite’s efficiency translates into the upwind performance you need to easily get back to your launch area after the many massive jumps you’ll pull. The Hook will have you boosting big and flying for days in complete comfort and control. While the kite’s speed and upwind drive also make the Hook exceptionally suitable for hydrofoiling.

Easily switch between comfortable cruising and high power boosting by setting the pigtails to low or higher bar pressure to add to the flexibility of the ride. Go from effortless cruiser to massive booster at the switch of a pigtail.

The Hook is dedicated to boost big and scream upwind. It offers the airtime you need to throw every trick in the book and put you down smoothly. Its moderate bar pressure, which is easy on the arms and body, allows you to stay out longer. It combines exhilarating capability with rider focussed handling and usability into a laid back package that is always ready for more.


Boosting & hangtime
The Hook's high AR frame delivers the speed you need to boocst big
The Hook is designed with maximum performance in mind. Its forward speed is easily translated into huge floaty jumps and its smooth controls allow for buttery landings.

Great handling and kite feedback
The short pulley makes the kite smooth and responsive
The Hook features a short, 4 point, single pulley bridle. This makes the kite highly responsive while it offers a feeling of effortlessness in its controls. Even depowered all the way the kite remains responsive and quick to turn, coupled with Peter Lynn’s renowned kite stability you’ll feel safe and in control even in the most demanding conditions.

Lightwind & upwind performance
Stability and great low wind performance make a great racer
The larger Hooks are amazing in light winds. They are light and well balanced so that they will fly in even the lightest breezes. Thanks to the high Aspect Ratio the Hook has a high flying speed and great upwind drive, making it a serious contender in racing. As well as a great hydrofoil option.

Exceptional wind range
​The Hook will get you going earlier and will let you stay out longer.
Thanks to the specially constructed leading edge and efficient bridle, the Hook has an exceptionally large and effective windrange. It has great low end power, without sacrificing any of the high end performance.


6m 8m Navigator S 43cm (22m lines)
6m 8m 10m 12m Navigator M 51cm (22m lines)
10m 12m Navigator M+ 51cm (24m lines)
14m 16m Navigator L 60cm (24m lines)

Tech specs

5-Strut high Aspect Ratio
A lightweight 5-strut design built for massive hangtime, speed and upwind capabilities.

Pre-shaped, direct connection struts
Multiple segments make for a clean connection between the struts and leading edge, resulting in a clean airflow and increased efficiency.

Extremely durable canopy
By using a clever combination of the best materials the industry has to offer and the latest construction techniques we’ve created a strong and durable wing.

Double stitched, multi segment Leading Edge
Extra smooth, extra stiff Leading Edge construction with the added benefit of additional durability.

Clean leading edge
Dacron reinforcement patches for the bridle connection points are stitched on the inside of the leading edge to prevent distortion of airflow.

Adjustable bar pressure
Easily adjust the kites bar pressure and steering behaviour to your personal preference by setting the pigtails on the wingtip to high or low bar pressure.

Adjustable pigtails
The pigtails are adjustable in length to counter the negative effects of potential line creep and/or stretch.

Fit all valve
Fit all valve for easy inflation. The bayonet fitting fits all pumps and the large valve opening makes inflation a breeze.



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