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    Ozone Flux v1
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Ozone Flux v1

From: £832.47


The Ozone Flux V1 is designed to go fast and this speed is what will take you high. New materials and a new panel layout deliver exceptional aerodynamic performance with a huge sweet spot meaning this performance is in reach for everyone.

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Design details

Flying fast, bred to shred

  • Sensational air speed and immense power management
  • Drastically reduced drag improves all areas of performance
  • Super-direct connection via ergonomic carbon fibre handles with EVA grip
  • High-aspect-ratio design with swept-leading edge planform for incredible glide
  • Exotically featured, material enriched, super-fast and fun

After almost 80 prototypes, the Flux flies faster than any wing we’ve ever made.
Not only does it create more immediate power, but the Flux’s precisely tightened canopy structure can now hold and manage far more wind. Load it up and the Flux will keep its shape and create more usable power instead of deforming.

The Flux V1 features more panels than any other wing in our range to help reach the ideal load bearing structure and a super tight canopy for next level handling.

Each size in the range has an optimised shape to ensure you feel like you’re riding the same family of designs. Whether charging super high into wind on the smaller sizes, or holding more wind than you could imagine on the bigger sizes, every Flux model will help you ride faster and in more control.

The advantages of using a wing with less drag and reduced luffing will continue to reveal itself as your moves flow far more sweetly.

Wing Size 2.4m 3.0m 3.6m 4.3m 5.0m 5.7m 6.5m
Weight (Kg) 1.8 2.0 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8 3.0
Span (mm) 2398 2682 2931 3204 3445 3654 3855

Tech specs

Pre-Loaded Leading Edge
Using a performance Dacron material that is rigid and strong has allowed our designers to pre-load the leading edge and shape it to experience drastically less deformation under load.
Combined with optimised sail shaping and horizontal panels for a tighter canopy, the Flux delivers huge aerodynamic performance gains.

Rigid Power Handles
Ergonomically angled front and back carbon fibre handles with EVA grip provide maximum control and comfort with incredible feel and response. The front handle mount features a soft bumper to protect your head and board during water starts.

20% Lighter and Stiffer Performance Dacron
The 125g performance Dacron of the leading edge is also used in the strut. Combined with the new rigid handles, the connection levels feel like you’re part of the wind!

Horizontal Panels
Horizontal canopy panels and adjoining seams optimise load distribution through warp and weft of the material, improving feeling and reducing material stretch.

Overlap Flat Seams
Overlap flat seam construction improves sail control resulting in an overall cleaner canopy.

Anti-Flap Fibreglass Battens
Fibreglass Battens strategically positioned along the Trailing Edge improve canopy tension and reduce flutter - enhancing performance, feedback to the rider and reducing canopy material wear.

Fast Flow Air Valves
Fast Flow Air Valves on both the Leading Edge and Strut makes inflation, deflation and packing a breeze.

De-power/Surf Handle
The soft De-Power/Surf Handle on the Leading Edge makes handling the wing to and from the water easy while offering full control when riding with the wing flagged out behind you.

Easy View Windows
Easy view windows on either side of the strut provide safety for you and others around.