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    North Nova Wing 2023
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North Nova Wing 2023

From: £499.15


The North Nova Wing 2023 is a versatile freeride wing available in vibrant colors. With maximum low-end power and top-end performance, it's stable, easy to handle, and lightweight. Purchase it from King of Watersports, a leading North retailer known for exceptional service and quality gear. Contact us today!

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Design details

SIZES: 1.9m / 2.5m / 2.9m / 3.5m / 4.2m / 5m / 6m / 7m

Wing, Wrist Wing Leash, Bag, Compression Strap, Repair Kit

Introducing the North Nova Wing 2023, a performance freeride wing designed to take your on-water experience to the next level. This versatile wing is available in a range of vibrant colours, including Sunset Yellow, Rubine Red, and Pacific Blue, and is sure to turn heads.

The North Nova Wing 2023 offers maximum low-end power for instant up and go, allowing you to get up on the foil earlier and with less effort. Available in sizes ranging from 1.9m to 7m, it is perfect for both beginners and advanced riders. Additionally, the wing delivers top-end performance that allows you to take advantage of gusty conditions and push your limits.

The North Nova Wing 2023 boasts a structurally balanced freeride shape for enhanced aerodynamic performance. Its progressive swept outline and refined profile section make it easier to handle and more stable when riding, even in gusty winds. The wing creates lift, allowing you to glide through turns effortlessly without any tail drop. Its balanced dihedral and wingtip geometry prevent oscillation side-to-side, making it precise yet compliant.

The wing's draft-forward curvature in the profile section generates more lift in the front, making transitions smoother and boosting its low-end power. With a stiffer, more responsive airframe and tighter skin tensioning, the North Nova Wing 2023 minimizes flutter and creates a clean trailing edge release with reduced drag. The tapered leading-edge diameter concentrates stiffness in the centre, allowing reflexed wingtips to dump excess power, making it a master of the upwind.

The North Nova Wing 2023 features a load-bearing panel layout, reducing its overall weight while maintaining its strength. It is made with N-HTRS high-performance canopy material, durable and lightweight Dacron LE/Strut material, intuitive rigid GripLock handles, silicon knuckle guard under depower handle, strategic STPU scuff protection, and lighter-weight bladder material reinforced in high-wear areas. The wing is versatile and easy to use, with independent dual-inflation pressure for strut and LE.

In summary, the North Nova Wing 2023 is a stable, balanced, and versatile wing that offers maximum low-end power and top-end performance. Its enhanced aerodynamic performance, draft-forward curvature, and tighter skin tensioning make it stable and easy to handle, while its load-bearing panel layout and new materials make it lightweight and durable. You can purchase the North Nova Wing 2023 from King of Watersports, a leading North retailer known for exceptional customer service and high-quality water sports gear. Contact us today to get your hands on this incredible wing.

Tech specs

2023 Design

  • Lighter overall weight
  • Tighter canopy tesnsioning
  • Refined layout with additional panels and leading edge segments
  • Reduced wingtip size for drift stability
  • Set individual inflation pressures for strut and leading edge
  • Intuitive rigid Griplock handles
  • Effortless trailering for riding swell
  • Efficient Upwind
  • Optimised window positioning and size
  • New bump-guards for critical high wear areas