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    North Navigator PRO Control System 2024
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North Navigator PRO Control System 2024

£482.49 ex VAT (USD595.39)


The safest, most universal high-performance control system ever. Now auto-unwinding, stronger and lighter, with unrivalled comfort and grip in all conditions.

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Design details

SKU: 85001-240021

Sizes: M 45-50cm | L 50-55cm

At North, they know from experience that trust in your control system means everything – especially when you are boosting. The connection point between you and your power source can make or break a session. We’ve poured more than 25 years of research, three years of development, and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of on-water testing into this system, redesigning and improving 70% of the 130 parts that go into it. The Nav Pro is an evolution of our original Navigator Control System, safer, comfortable and easy to use, even while performing at the highest level of competition. With modular spare parts that are easy to replace, ensuring the lifespan of your control system can be extended beyond the industry-norm. The new pro-version of the Navigator is now safer, stronger, lighter, easier to use and packed full of features - like the all-new auto unwind. show less


  • Front-line auto-unwind
  • 20% lighter and 20% stronger
  • Safest single-action reload QR
  • New highest quality SK99 Dyneema Pro Lines
  • Max-traction comfort grip
  • Modular Toolless InterLoop system
  • Universally compatible with any kite
  • Medium 45-50cm or Large 50-55cm
  • Smoother trimming action
  • Super wear-resistant
  • Nautical colour coding
  • 10cm of adjustment for line shrinkage
  • Eliminates accidental release
  • Reduces accidental unhooking
  • Always rinse in fresh water
  • ISO-21853 Certified

Control Bar, Quick Release with Security Finger, 12+10m Pro Lines (Ø1.55mm Front Lines, Ø1.33mm Rear Lines), Pro Freeride Loop, Standard Leash (Pro)

Tech specs

The new high-quality ceramic bearing inside the QR handle is engineered to ensure a frictionless rotation.
The super hard ceramic surface reduces wear, is corrosion-resistant and performs in all temperatures.
For the smoothest sheeting and most reliable form of auto-unwind, you'll see your Depower Main Line and Landing Line run inside individual tubes made from the highest-quality, durable, wear-resistant TPU, stacked front to back for comfortable, one-handed flying.
It’s important to note that with an auto-unwinding bar, once your kite's up, you can’t untwist your lines manually. Run out your front lines every time, and ensure the red power ball (landing line) is always on the kite’s left (when you’re upwind of your kite).

20% lighter and 20% stronger
You want a spinning bar to be as lightweight as possible – to reduce the inertia required to spin. The challenge is making it both lighter and stronger. To achieve this, we’ve engineered a new over-moulded single-piece bar and centrepiece.
The all-new Nav Pro has an internal truss structure, super stiff under load while reducing any need for excess material.
The over-moulded stainless steel bar centrepiece with titanium PVD coating is smooth, strong and wear-resistant, with a generous internal geometry for uninhibited bar travel and reliable auto-unwind. The grip goes all the way up to the centrepiece for comfortable one-handed flying in even the most extreme weather.

Safest single-action reload QR
The new extra secure single-action reload Quick Release has a stiffer security finger attached to QR instead of loop for reduced risk of accidental unhooking. The smaller, more streamlined standard loop and additional 20mm of QR travel helps to eliminate accidental release.

New highest quality Dyneema Pro Lines
For less parasitic drag and uncompromised direct performance. Ø1.55mm Front Lines, Ø1.33mm Rear Lines prevent uneven shrinkage.
The Nav Pro comes complete with the highest-quality German-made Liros SK99 Dyneema Pro-Lines.
Most of the load goes through your front flying lines, so we’ve kept these at 1.55mm and introduced thinner 1.3mm rear lines. The thinner diameter rear lines mean less parasitic drag, so your kite can fly more efficiently, especially for big air.
The different line thickness also helps keep uneven shrinkage between front and rear lines in check.
The Navigator Control System is supplied with 22m Lines, with a split at 12m, which is far enough for the bar to travel to completely depower our largest kite when you flag out. Remove the standard 10m top section of line to switch up your ride. 22m (12+ 10m) Pro Lines are included with your bar.
North offer 2m, 6m, 8m, and 12+10m Pro lines as spare parts.

Unrivalled comfort, and traction
The unique new micro-grip compound provides exceptional comfort. We’ve tested for hours on end and it really is the most comfortable, grippy and durable solution we’ve ever encountered. The textured micro-grip, combined with the dual-colour moulded raised pattern, delivers amazing hold.

Modular Toolless InterLoop system
The Navigator Pro has a Modular Interchangeable Harness Loop system. There are three new Pro loops: Freeride (as supplied with the Control System), Freestyle (for use with the freestyle leash ring), and our Surf Slider. The new loops are specifically designed for the new Navigator Pro, and are not backwards compatible to the earlier Navigator Control System.

Universally compatible with any kite*
The Navigator Pro is compatible with any Low-V bridled KITE. We’ve made our line connectors all the same length so you can swap them between kites that have knots on the tip or loops on the tip. For use with a High-V bridled kite, pair the Nav Pro with our High-V Split Kit (which is available as an accessory).

Two adjustable bar lengths +/- 5cm
The Nav Pro comes in two bar sizes – M (45-50cm) and L (50-55cm) – adjustable under the bar ends with retractable line winders.

Smoother trimming action
We’ve created a new lightweight over-moulded trim handle with a wear-resistant Dyneema trim line and injection-aluminium cleat with a hard anodized coating to ensure a smoother trimming action.

Super wear-resistant
The internally stitched seam means the stitching isn’t exposed and protects against peeling.

Nautical colour coding
We’ve also used nautical colour-coded kook-proof line connectors so you don’t confuse your front and rear lines or left and right.

10cm of adjustment for line shrinkage
Under the floats, 3x leader line knots are spaced at 5cm apart, giving 10cm of adjustment to allow for uneven front / rear line shrinkage

Eliminates accidental release
We were unable to source a high-quality bungee cord which could provide enough force within such a limited distance, so we’ve custom-fabricated our own firmer shock cord bungee, doubling release loads whilst still passing ISO standards. The firmer bungee helps to secure the push-away handle, and if you do accidentally bump the QR handle, it is unlikely to travel the full 20mm to actually release. You'll also notice the QR handle is shaped with enough of a lip to give a tactile release when needed, but not too much – so it won't accidentally catch when not needed.

Reduces accidental unhooking
To help prevent accidental unhooking, the security finger is stiffer and now fastened directly to the QR body. When you push on the end it doesn't flare out sideways like it does if it’s connected to the harness loop. And we’ve made the Freeride loop smaller in size and spaced the loop connection points closer together, so you’re less likely to come accidentally unhooked.

Always rinse in fresh water
With more moving parts, it’s important to rinse your Navigator Pro routinely in fresh water so it will continue to spin freely.