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    North Horizon Downwind Foilboard
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North Horizon Downwind Foilboard

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Design details

North Horizon 6'10 | 7'5 | 7'10 | 8'4

The Horizon board embodies the spirit of progression and adventure, redefining surfing with the exhilarating realm of downwinding. Its efficient design accelerates board speed, effortlessly lifting onto the foil as you move faster in the water. Featuring a displacement hull, the Horizon smoothly penetrates the water without jarring impacts, allowing seamless synchronization between board and foil pumping. Versatile in its use, this long and narrow board caters to riders engaging in downwinding with a paddle, prone, wing, or tow-kite, as well as for SUP foil-surfing or light wind wingfoiling.

  • Efficient displacement hull design for quick pump-to-foil
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable full-carbon construction
  • Pulled-in tail for tracking and efficiency on take-off and touchdown
  • Forgiving forward rails
  • Sharper behind the foil for fast-release
  • Slightly concaved deck under the standing section for stability
  • Comfortable EVA deck pad with raised rail edges and extended tail pad for wingfoiling
  • DropBox adjustable fast foil mounting
  • Downwind with a paddle
  • Light Wind Wing Foiling
  • SUP Foil Surfing
Size 6'10 7'5 7'10 8'4
Volume (L) 95 105 115 125
Width (inches) 17.5" 18.0" 18.5" 19.0"
Thickness (inches) 6.5" 6.5" 6.5" 6.5"

Tech specs

100% Carbon
Lightweight and durable full carbon construction.
The Horizon is strong and light, with a low swing weight. The carbon layup delivers the lightest stiffest board, which enhances the responsiveness and gives the board a more direct feel. An internal PVC stringer provides additional reinforcement.

Fast and Narrow Displacement Hull Design
Shaped for speed, the Horizon is fast on the water and fast up onto the foil.
The Horizon is in displacement mode until you lift out of the water. The hull shape is designed for maximum efficiency. The volume distribution allows us to reduce the wetted area, which lowers the drag. We drew inspiration from outrigger kayaks, performance skiffs and rowing boats – for minimum effort and maximum performance.

Pulled in Tail
For tracking and efficiency on takeoff and touchdown.
Reducing the width of the tail makes the board easier to pump and minimises your wake and drag. A big wake = lots of drag. Minimising the tail volume allows the tail to sink more while pumping so it gets faster up on to the water.

Max Traction Deckgrip and Centre Kickpad
With raised rail edges and an extended tail pad.
The raised rail edges provide added stability, preventing your knees from sliding off the board, and help to protect the rail from paddle impact when in a kneeling position. The tail pad extends behind the kicker so you can trim along the full length of the board – this is especially useful when wingfoiling. We’ve strategically positioned the kicker for your feet to fit left and right.

DropBox Fast Foil Mounting System
Speed-dial your foil setup. Simply drop your foil pre-assembled with screws ans t-nuts into the track, slide it backwards then tighten the screws to fasten.
Our unique structurally integrated DropBox has a longer track for a wider adjustment range, allowing you to precision-tune the foil set up for your rider weight. A measurement guide next to the track aids in correct foil positioning. Industry-standard 90mm track spacing means the DropBox is compatible with most foil systems.