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    Nobile V-Ride 2021 Kite

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Nobile V-Ride 2021 Kite

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The Nobile 2021 V-Ride is a universal freeride-wave machine.

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STYLE: Freeride / Wave

SIZE (m ) : 5 / 6 / 7,5 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16


  • Hybrid shape excellent for wave riding
  • Exceptional freeride and wave performance
  • Great lift for jumps
  • Large depower range, and maneuverability needed for wave riding.
  • Great control combined with soft bar feeling during all depower stages
  • Superb upwind performance
  • Extremely light 3 strut construction
  • Tough construction and reinforced material made for wave-riding and schools
  • Easy relaunch with any kite size and wind conditions
  • One pomp inflation system with high volume valve
  • Front and back bridle trimming options
  • More durable bridles with pulleys.
  • 4 line bar system

The Nobile 2021 V-Ride is a universal freeride-wave machine. The hybrid kites are meant to be user-friendly, easy-handling, and maneuverable for tight turns in waves. We took all of the experience we had from previous freeride/wave models like T5 and took it to the next level. The idea was to improve stability and durability while still keep great control in all of the weather conditions. The V-Ride is a great performing machine in light winds, suitable for beginners and schools. It keeps great performance in a heavy strong wind as typically the wave riding is. No matter the conditions, you can count on your V-Ride kite to handle it with ease.


  • Teijin dacron double ripstop
  • Dacron reinforced canopy
  • Internal reinforcements
  • Double stitched bonded seams



SIZE 5m 6m 7.5m 9m 10m 12m 14m 16m
WIND SPEED 20-43 18-38 17-35 16-33 14-31 12-26 10-24 7-23