Nobile NHP Split 2017 Kiteboard

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The 2017 Nobile NHP split kite board lets you enjoy the freedom of travelling with a board wherever you want – whether by car, train or motorcycle. You just collapse the board in two and pack it in to the special Nobile bag.

Design details

Style: Freestyle / Freeride

Size: 130x39 | 134x41 | 138x43 cm

The shape and construction are the combination of Elliptical Concave, which gives you the manoeuvreability and great upwind performance, and Double Concave Tips Channels. Through the use of these technologies Nobile have achieved the perfect riding track, enabling confidence during jumps and perfect landings. The specially designed Hydrodynamic Rocker guarantees massive pop and lift-off during jumps, and the rocker combined with the properly suited flex ensures maximum comfort.


  • Perfect traction
  • Comfortable landings
  • Insane pop
  • Splitboard

Board set includes:

  • Click’N’Go IFS
  • Click’N’Go PA Fins
  • One Hand Coverbag
  • Grab Handle