Nobile 2HD 2018 Kiteboard

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Nobile 2HD 2018 Kiteboard: For devoted fans of speed and big air.

Design details

Style: Freeride / Freestyle

Size (cm): 134x42,5 | 137x43

2HD (Double Hydrodynamic) is the fastest Nobile board. It travels on the water like the fastest motorboat, and when you want to lift-off, it performs like a rocket.

Main features:

  • Full control at high speed
  • Strong edge grip
  • Massive pop

Flex (1-10): 9
Rocker line: Hydrodynamic
Bottom construction: Double Hydrodynamic


  • Super-fast and efficient freeride board for flat water
  • Superior upwind abilities
  • Rigid but comfortable flex pattern for balanced power
  • Pop grower tech for massive jumps
  • It’s all about speed