NeilPryde Hellcat Windsurf Sail 2016

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The 2016 Neilpryde Hellcat windsurf sail - The 2016 Hellcat shape and outline are derived from the EVO7 race sail. The Hellcat is a thoroughbred performance freeride sail. It’s fast, powerful and delivers an exhilarating combination of speed and acceleration. Slippery and rapid when powered up on a reach, Hellcat’s race sail shaping and twist characteristics ensure pace and pedigree of this high performance freeride machine.

Design details

SKU 160010

No-Cam Performance Freeride

The 2016 Hellcat is now faster and more powerful, with a better wind range.


Forceline custom laminated clew for optimized strength and load distribution.

Pronounced shaping in the bottom of the sail for maximum drive and power.

Open Integrated Compact Clew for optimized foot outline and extra surface under the boom.

Wide sleeve in the middle to upper section for a clean aerodynamic profile and easy rigging.

Race-inspired longer luff curve and high aspect ratio ensuring high skin tension and fast reflex for maximum acceleration and top-end speed.

Component battens: Six tubularbatten configuration reducing weight while giving optimum profile shape and stability. One-rod bottom batten for deep foot profile and durability.

Tech specs

5,7 424 186 7 400 Fixed Head
6,2 444 192 7 430 Fixed Head
6,7 463 198 7 430/460 Fixed Head
7,2 482 205 7 460 Fixed Head
7,7 501 211 7 490 Fixed Head
8,2 513 217 7 490 Fixed Head