Naish Skater Kite Surfboard 2014

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The Skater is designed for kiters who want to ride strapless in small, medium and choppy wave conditions.

Design details

Comes Complete with Fins and Deck Pad

Sizes: 5’4", 5’9"

All-around Strapless Wave

The Skater features a new full deck pad and the option of riding strapped.

Its compact shape delivers ease and control for early planing, snappy turns and strapless airs.

Key Features:

*New Increased Tail Kick in Rocker = Tight & snappy turns off the lip *New Full Rails = Loose feel *New Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad = Unmatched comfort + cushioning + traction *Compact Shape = Control + early planing *CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping *Thruster Fin Set-up = Loose + snappy + control *Carbon Torsion Cross Fins = Lightweight + optimized flex


5'4" - W 18 5/16" - T 2 3/16" 5'9" - W 18 1/2" - T 2 3/16"