Naish Hover Surf 4'8 Ascend PU 2019 Foilboard


The 2019 Naish Hover Surf 4'8 Ascend PU foil board echos a traditional surfboard silhouette but packs more volume per inch (in height). Wider than our Comets, with a more square and parallel outline, the Ascends pick up even the tiniest waves with little effort. The concave deck section is not only more comfortable when paddling, it is also a “self centering” feature when popping up—guiding the feet into the ideal position in relation to the foil.

Design details


Naish’s Hover Surf line has been expanded and refined for 2019 to provide greater performance for anyone from first-time foilers to frequent flyers.


  • 10" US Boxes = Easy, fine-tuned foil placement
  • Wide, Parallel Outline = Padding stability + speed
  • Concave Deck = Reference for sweet spot
  • Beveled Rail = Smooth transitions + carving assistance
  • Polyurethane/Glass Construction = Light + strong

Based on Naish's Hover Kite 112 kite foilboard, the Naish Ascend range features beveled rails running from nose to tail. These smooth the transition while getting up onto the foil and allow you to carve hard without catching rail.

If catching small waves early and getting to your feet quickly is the key to surf foiling, the Naish Hover Surf Ascend unlocks the ride easily and intuitively. The Hover Ascends are recommended for riders who are looking for a dedicated design that allows them to go shorter (in consideration of volume) without sacrificing paddle ability.

Hover Surf 4'8
Ascend PU
4'8/142.2cm 22"/55.9cm 2 3/8"/6cm 35L


  • PU Core
  • S-glass Lamination
  • High Density Foam to Reinforce Foil Mount

The Naish Hover Surf line is dedicated to foiling and dose not include any additional fin boxes or fins.