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    Mystic Len10 Majestic X Kite Harness
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Mystic Len10 Majestic X Kite Harness

£282.49 ex VAT (USD386.45)

The Mystic Len10 Majestic X is Ruben Lenten's signature Hard Shell kitesurf harness.

Design details


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The full carbon bionic core frame is made with the best possible materials. This results in the stiffest and lightest BCF, the specific placement of the fibres allows us to create a frame that is extremely stiff horizontally while maintaining the flex diagonally therefor the harness is still able to follow your body.


Bionic Core Frame
The full carbon bionic core frame is stiff in the horizontal direction, but the BCF is still able to twist and follow your body.


3D molded foam interior
The foam is molded to adjust perfectly to your lower body and give maximum comfort while riding.


Soft neoprene edges
Soft neoprene prevents rash while riding on bare skin against the edges of the harness, and also creates a closer more comfortable fit.

Key pocket 2.0: keyloop with mini-buckle
Small external compartment for storing your keys whilst on the water.

The Flexcovers are constructed from a super stretch material and equipped with elastic binding to keep it in place. This construction secures the webbing while riding and protects the buckles of the harness.

Battle belt 2.0
The Battlebelt 2.0 is constructed with soft neoprene edges and a new Velcro system. It has a slimmer design compared to the Battlebelt 1.0 and is equipped with a safety knife pocket.

HP system with reinforced guidance holes
Plastic tube to make sure the HP leash glides smooth from side to side. Reinforced with Dyneema rope.