Manera EXO Waist Harness 2016

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For 2016 Manera have made changes to the Exo waist kitesurf harness in both the structure and the materials, improving both comfort & durability on the EXO.

Design details

When Manera launched the EXO harness two years ago, their close collaboration with a Human Kinetics science laboratory gave them a new approach of this product and resulted in a technological breakthrough compared to what existed on the market. For 2016 Manera have continued to work on the same technologies to bring them to an even higher level.


The look & durability of a harness are very important aspects and Manera wanted to improve both of them. Their design team has been looking for the best possible materials in terms of look, colors and durability, including RIP STOPS, PU, 600D, SOFT TOUCH and PREMIUM NEOPRENE, all chosen to match well together and all tested to resist to the most extreme conditions.

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Tech specs


Manera have done some extensive work on the human body anatomy to find the right harness shape.

Their goal was to build a harness that perfectly fits the natural curves of the back, so that it adapts actively to your movements during riding. This ergonomic shape provides freedom, flexibility & softness, while minimizing friction areas.

To ensure optimum comfort during action, the EXO harnesses are pre-formed, which means the ergonomic shape of the harness is built into each layer of material that composes the product during manufacturing.

This product fits the rider and protects him from injuries and friction right from the first use.


This MANERA innovation has a hexagonal structure, built with various stiffness and volume degrees to control its flex and resistance. Its main advantage and innovation is to be connected directly to the spreader bar through webbing and buckles for a direct transfer of the load and therefore receiving 100% of the kite power. Its design and structure helps distribute consistently the pressure over a much wider area.

Pressures are no longer concentrated on a narrow area of the back, which protects the rider and prevent him from having to compensate with his lumbar muscles.

This technology brings a new vision on the energy transfer science and provides the rider with a level of comfort never seen before.


To improve the extraordinary comfort of the EXO, Manera worked thoroughly on the foam lining inside the harness. After numerous tests, analyses and comparisons, the R&D department decided to line the new EXO harness with some specific comfort foam called: NEST FOAM.

Different thicknesses of NEST FOAM are used according to the pressure absorption needs: Double layer in the center of the back where pressure is the highest, single on the outline for added comfort. This new foam lines the entire interior volume of the harness that comes in contact with the body of the rider and provides better cushion under tension with optimum comfort.

The harness will give the rider a maximum range of motion and flexibility, while maintaining great support and an ideal distribution of the forces across the EXO harness. Over time the foam keeps its original shape and thickness, maintaining the comfort of the harness.


This new approach consists in transmitting all the loads and pressures outside the harness through the frame while placing the totality of all foam and reinforcement layers between these forces and your back. Usually straps, plates, and other devices are hidden inside the harness and are sandwiched between two layers of foam. Unfortunately only one of these layers remains between your back and the structure of harness to reduce the tensions.

On the MANERA harnesses, the integrality of foam thickness is here to soften and suppress the pressure, for maximum comfort.


Hips are a really sensitive part exposed to frictions. In order to avoid injuries we designed this area with a full piece of neoprene without seams and included a double foam layer.


The MANERA R&D team developed a brand new asymmetrical buckle system to maintain the spreader bar position by generating downward force. Stuck in its original normal position, the spreader bar doesn’t go up.


Whether you are right or left hander, the MANERA leash release will be easy to trigger as we placed one on each side of the harness.

Depending on your preference, you will also have the choice between setting your leash free to slide along your back or lock it to the right or the left between the rings.


Helping the Down Hold System, two flaps situated on each side of the spreader bar are inserted into the harness; once the straps are tightened, the flaps are compressed and blocked inside. The aim is to reinforce the link between the spreader bar and the harness structure.

The result is surprising as the hook never goes up to your chest.