Liquid Force Echo 2016 Kiteboard

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The 2016 Liquid Force Echo kiteboard is an aggressive rider’s dream board: high rocker, explosive pop, pillow-soft landings, bullet-proof durability, the optimal blend of flex and rocker for deep rail presses, a deep triple concave running through the center for added grip and smooth, responsive feel, plus state-of-the-art, fluted concave at the tips for accelerated water flow and faster riding.

Design details

133 x 41cm
137 x 42cm
141 x 42.5cm
144 x 43cm

Designed by Scheid and legendary wakeboard and kiteboard shaper, Jimmy Redmon, the Echo features the most advanced shape and design of the LF profiled wood core lineup.


M6 Hardware
Standard on all LF boards

Inline Inserts
Lined up

Liquid Rail
Urethane poured flexible rail

Profiled Wood Core
Profiled Wood Core

Matte Finish
Printed Matte finish that delivers a vibrant color without adding weight.

High Rocker Line
More rocker allows you to handles big landings from huge boosts. Increased ollie power and smoothness through the chop.

Channeled Tips
Assiting the flow of water allowing for more grip on the water. Perfect for those wanting to ride finless or needing a little extra bite on the water.

Stiff Flex
A stiffer flex profile for ultimate pop and performance.

Triple Concave
Increases grip and delivers a smooth, responsive feel.