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    Lieuwe Say No More Kiteboard

Lieuwe Say No More Kiteboard

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The Lieuwe Say No More is the ultimate wakestyle monster. It’s dynamic rocker makes it want to go upwind and helps you land even the toughest tricks. Boots or straps, taking your wild thing for a spin will turn the ocean into the craziest jungle gym.

Design details


Sizes: 136x41 / 138x42 / 142x43cm

If you want to push your limits in kiteboarding and learn new tricks, you should have a Say No More. The round shape makes you able to land more tricks than ever before. The dynamic flex creates good up-wind performance and comfortable riding.

  • Unbreakable
  • Advanced Channels
  • 3D Wood-core
  • Dynamic flex
  • Boot-proof
  • Finless riding
  • Incl. Handle/Fins
136 41 51mm 5mm 50-75KG
138 42 54mm 5mm 70-85KG
142 43 58mm 6mm 80-100KG+