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    Lieuwe Awesome Kiteboard
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Lieuwe Awesome Kiteboard

£390.82 ex VAT (USD521.74)

Lieuwe's Allround handcrafted kiteboard. Yes, we can see that smile on your face! You kind of learned how to kite and you feel like you’re on love potion. The ease of this board will keep you in that rush and makes it all feel child-play. We’re not kiddin’.

Design details


Sizes: 134x40 / 138x41 / 145x43cm

When you start kiteboarding, you just want a little extra volume that keeps you floating, a little push in the back that keeps you going upwind, a boards that makes it all feel easy and give you a comfortable ride to make you feel the king of the world! Here it is and it’s awesome!

  • Light Weight
  • Light wind Performance
  • 3D Wood-core
  • Upwind Performance
  • Single Concave
  • Incl. Handle/Fins
138 41 54mm 65-100KG