JP Super Sport Gold Windsurf Board 2016

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The 2016 JP Super Sport Gold Windsurf Board - The Super Sports are as fast as ever whilst being a lot easier to ride and handle than Slalom Race boards. For advanced riders it’s easy to get maximum performance out of them. You stand totally relaxed and transfer all the sail power into the board to accelerate more and more. It’s easy to stay in control when blasting back and forth as well as in the high speed carving jibes.

Design details

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GOLD = GOLD EDITION in ultra light Textreme Technology


Really fast and fun boards for sporty riders.

The Super Sports deliver slalom race-like performance but are way easier to ride and control. Great magazine tests and market feedback have confirmed this. The line combines shape features from the X-Cite Ride and the Slalom boards to offer the best of both worlds. To make them seriously fast Werner Gnigler used his experience from the Slalom developments while the influence of his X-Cite Ride shapes make sure that the power of the Super Sports is easily accessible for every advanced rider.

Tech specs


  • LENGTH: 245cm / 8'0"
  • WIDTH: 73cm / 28.7inch
  • VOLUME: 124 liters
  • W. GOLD +/-6%: 6.5kg / 14.3lbs
  • FINS: Super Sport 45 [G10] PB
  • SAILS: ideal: 6.7-8.2 rec.: 6.2-9.0

PB = Powerbox