JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board 2016

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Great fun for every experienced rider: top performance in a user-friendly package. The SPORTSTAIR’s blend of accessible handling and great speed is unique.

Design details


The JP double layer edition will always be a first choice for the rough use environment, like the whitewater for example. The weight of our double layer edition inflatables is still lighter than what competition has to offer. The boards come in a rich and colorful design with a double-stroke high pressure pump and a new bag with a big zipper opening for easier packing and unpacking.


  • 6″ (15 cm) double layer drop-stitch technology

  • Inflatable hull with EVA deck

Package Includes:

  • 3 piece SUP paddle

  • New box compatible to US box fins

  • Foiled PE (polyethylene) fin with screw

  • EVA standing – area

  • Leash D-ring, backpack

  • Pump and repair kit

  • 6-D-ring bungee cord and a towing D-ring

  • Leash

  • Waterproof case

Product Review

Paddler: Jim

I opened my new JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP board the night before I planned to go out on the water… my first impression was how compact the stand up paddle board came in its bag. I have used other iSUPs on demo and found that they packed down to a much larger size. The JP SUP came with a bag, fin, and pump.

The next feature that stood out was the inflation point being located at the nose of the board… not at the tail. Again, the majority of inflatable stand up paddle boards have the inflation point at the tail. I had a five minute pause for thought and then the explanation came to me. Once the fin is fitted to the tail, the inflation valve must be located at the nose to balance the board. As many will know… if a board is unbalanced, the nose or tail will drag along the ground when carrying. So JP have cleverly used the inflation valve to balance the weight of the fin for easy carrying.

It took me ten minutes to inflate my JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP board to 15psi, which is pretty much standard for inflatable stand up boards. The one way inflation valve worked like a dream and didn't lose any air. I left the board inflated over night and checked the pressure in the morning… still at 15psi!

The fin attachment system was different from the standard screw and washer slider… JP use a plastic clip attached by a nylon cord to lock the fin to the board. While this system is very simple, my concern is the strength of the clip but I'm sure time will tell.

Carrying the board to the beach… it was perfectly balanced! I also really like the bungee storage system at the front of the board as it was very handy to tuck my paddle through when carrying.

On the water, I found the board very quick, both in the turns and in a straight line. A week before I paddled on a RRD Airace V2 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board and I found that this glided better in a straight line. With the JP SportsAir, a little more attention was needed to keep in a straight course. Nevertheless, the speed and manoeuvrability of the JP edged the RRD.

I would definitely recommend this stand up paddle board for paddlers that want speed, manoeuvrability, and an easy to store option. Excellent for race, flatwater, and ocean touring conditions.

JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board 2015 Front

JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board 2015 Deck

JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board 2015 Base

JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board 2015 Fin

JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board 2015 Back

JP SportsAir 12'6x29 Inflatable SUP Board 2015 End