JP Glass 3-Piece SUP Paddle 2019

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Fiberglass flexes naturally and is therefore easy on your shoulders and back. The stringer inside the “Y” blade creates stiffness while the full fiberglass pressure molded blade is leak proof. The shafts have a horizontally roughened surface for a good grip.

Design details

Comes with an Aluminum slotted extension and an ABS handle.


All new Y Blade
The all new “Y” dihedral shape provides a smooth catch and an effortless release

Anti-twist system
In 2019 JP have introduced the anti-twist system on all their paddles (except Alloy). The slotted extensions in combination with the matching clamp also ensure perfect alignment of the paddle extension.

Safety Pin
The safety pin has been added to the bottom connection of the 3 piece paddles as well as a reduced size clamp to reduce the weight even more.

Tech specs

BLADE SIZE: 90 in²
WEIGHT: 910 g
LENGTH CM / INCH: 171 - 217 / 67" - 86"
WIDTH CM / INCH: 18 / 7.2"