JP Freestyle Pro Windsurf Board 2015

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The right stuff for radical action has never been more true. The performance advantages of these new boards make it easier to pull off all the big moves and leave the window wide open to spice up your moves with extra style.

Design details

PRO EDITION in Carbon Innegra Technology


With Steven van Broeckhoven we probably have the most athletic, powerful freestyler on the PWA Tour, who has a very detailed knowledge about board shapes and design. Youp Schmit is a very different character who as well as being much lighter, is very stylish and a bit crazy!

Steven couldn’t find anything to improve on the 106 which he uses as his board for really light conditions. So we left it unchanged and just spiced up the graphic design. But he has put a lot of work together with Werner Gnigler into our new 101 which will be his main board.

Youp has worked with Werner on the new 92 and finds it to be so much better than anything he has ever used before. The new shape is wider and therefore offers more stability and can be used as a board for all conditions for riders below 70-75 kg.

We added some thickness and volume in the mid-section of both new boards.

Now, they float in a more neutral position, are more stable and much quicker to lift up onto the plane. Everything is focused at the turning point where the mast base sits making rotations a lot quicker and easier. This also helps for switch stance moves.

Due to a more upright sailing position you can make the most of the solid platform under your feet. The volume distribution also influenced the outline shape of the board. It became more parallel creating a larger planing surface as well as additional curve towards the tail. These features deliver unmatched pop, which you need for those super high tricks. The improved carving ability gives you the opportunity to accelerate even more in the preparation for your moves.

A sharp tuck line running from the tail close to the mast base is responsible for great grip and drive that creates maximum speed instantly. Towards the nose a super soft tuck line offers an easy transition from aerial maneuvers into sliding tricks by stopping the rail from catching.

Tech specs


  • LENGTH: 227cm / 7.5inch
  • WIDTH: 62.0cm / 24.4inch
  • VOLUME: 92 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 6.1kg / 13.4lbs
  • FINS PRO: Freestyle 18 [G10] PB
  • SAILS: ideal: <5.2 rec.: <5.8


  • LENGTH: 227cm / 7.5inch
  • WIDTH: 64.0cm / 25.2inch
  • VOLUME: 101 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 6.4kg / 14.1lbs
  • FINS PRO: Freestyle 20 [G10] PB
  • SAILS: ideal: 4.2-5.4 rec.: 4.0-5.8


  • LENGTH: 227cm / 7.5inch
  • WIDTH: 65.5cm / 25.8inch
  • VOLUME: 106 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 6.6kg / 14.3lbs
  • FINS PRO: Freestyle 22 [G10] PB
  • SAILS: ideal: 4.8-6.5 rec.: 4.8-6.9

MW = Multi Wave SF = Side Fin SB = Slot box MT = Mini Tuttle box PB = Powerbox