Jobe Vanity Wakeboard 2018 Package

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Wakeboard Package Includes: Jobe Vanity Wakeboard 2018 Package, Jobe Maze 2018 Bindings, Jobe Wake Combo Prime Blue, Jobe Transparent Wakeboard Bag.

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Jobe Vanity Wakeboard 2018 Package

Soft like butter and strong. Jobe's high press fiberglass molded Vanity Premium is a grippy beginner to intermediate level board, for allrounders and starters. A traditional soft foam core and molded fins and uniquely deep grooved channels for extra traction and control make this a board with a fast learning curve. Premium details like a hot silver screen layer and foil stamps make it light-up during jumps behind the boat. This is a real eye-catcher, meant to be.

  • Traditional foam core
  • High press fiberglass molded
  • Molded fins
  • Continuous rocker
  • Deep grooved channels for traction and control
  • 2 nylon plastic center fins.
Jobe Maze 2018 Bindings

Jobe's Maze Wakeboard bindings have The System for beginner to intermediate wakeboarders because it locks in a wakeboarder its feet with deadly precision. The Maze Wakeboard Bindings feature stretchy flex panels to control your ride and custom Jobe lace locks to secure your feet. Cop a pair of Jobe's bindings and get ready for the set of your life.

  • Adjustable shoe sizes
  • Stretchy flex panels to control your ride
  • Single lace perfect wrapped fit
  • Custom Jobe lace lock to secure your ride.
Jobe Wake Combo Prime Blue

This entry level wakeboard set's EVA grip provides a lively feeling. Its pencil EVA floats keep it clear from propellers and make it easy to retrieve. Handle:15'' (38,1cm), 27.5mm grip, mainline: 55ft (16, 76m), section: 1.

  • Rubber Grip
  • Pencil Floats
  • 15" Handle
  • 27.5mm Grip
  • 55 FT Main
  • 1 Section.
Jobe Transparent Wakeboard Bag