Hyperlite System Pro Binding Chassis 2019

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The Hyperlite System Binding 2019 offers the ultimate connection to your wakeboard delivering unmatched edge control and a feel like no other. Lighter, Stronger and Better.

Design details

The System Pro has been perfected over the past 5 seasons, taking an already revolutionary product and making it even better. This updated binding design centers around three new features. Beginning with our exclusive G6 Polycarbonate chassis that is lighter than previous generations, while still providing superior board control and support. The improved chassis interfaces with our exclusive Urethane Highback for maximum mobility and response.

New Auto Centring Stability Plates allow a rider to set their bindings up for the correct size boots in minutes. The plates are removable and can be replaced, ensuring a solid connection even after seasons of wear and tear. Exclusive to the System Pro Binding is a removable EVA Footpad that provides additional impact protection and a mellower feel under foot. This new System is the ultimate in high performance wake footwear for boat and cable riders alike.


Aluminium Stability Plates
Securing your System Binding to the board's deck is reinforced with aluminum stability plates. Raised teeth interlock with our system washer for your desired angle reducing heel lift and solidifying the connection.

Urethane Highback
Our exclusive Urethane material is pliable when flexed laterally, but is stiffer and more supportive when direct pressure is applied. This means you will be able to poke out those grabs while also having maximum board control support when initiating a heel side edge.

  • Aluminum Mounting System
  • Baseless Interface
  • Removable EVA Footpad
  • Flexion Ankle Strap
  • New Flexion Ankle Strap
  • Ultra-light G6 Polycarbonate Chassis
  • Articulating Highback
  • Tool-less Hardware
  • Adjustable Toe-Strap