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    F-One One 2020 Kiteboard
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F-One One 2020 Kiteboard

£332.49 ex VAT (USD422.26)

Comfortable, easy to control and providing easy upwind performances, the 2020 F-One ONE is the perfect freeride board.

Design details


138 x 40 Blue Lagoon / Coral
140 x 42 Blue Lagoon / Coral
148 x 45 Blue Lagoon / Mango
150 x 48 Blue Lagoon / Mango

  • Freeride Perfect Weapon
  • Very Comfortable And Forgiving
  • Early Planning
  • Great Upwind Performance
  • Incredible Control And Stability

INCLUDED: 4x UNIBOX fins 50 mm



The ONE is long with a straight rocker offering easy planing and performant edging to get going and hold your line upwind.

Its good flex allows the board to remain comfortable and keeps it easy for the legs.

The moderate width at the tips offer a great maneuverability. With a versatile outline and rounded tips, this board is truly an all-round performer and is very forgiving.

The bottom receives a single concave making the board very comfortable in the chop and super easy to control. On the two largest sizes, which are specifically tailored for light wind riding, the board features some extra width to offer maximum lift and super early planing.

Thanks to its ABS sidewalls and a specific deck reinforcement patch, the ONE is very durable.

The ONE is available in 4 sizes (138×40 – 140×42 – 148×45 – 150×48 cm) and comes with 50 mm unibox fins.

3D View