Flysurfer Cronix Kitesurfing Kite

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With the Cronix, Flysurfer are once again breaking new ground. The Adaptive Airfoil System generates a considerable increase in low end power.

Design details

Cronix – A new era begins

The L.E.I. by Flysurfer

Over the last ten years, Flysurfer made a name for itself as an innovator for the bridled ram-air kite system (foilkite) and has become a force to be reckoned with – especially in the niche markets. The addition of a leading edge inflatable kite to our product portfolio is probably a surprise to some, but the thought process behind it is rather simple: We want to push boundaries and evolve the best out of all systems! It has been almost two years since we made the decision to develop kites open to any system and newly position our brand. Now we present to you the first result of this decision: The Flysurfer Cronix.

The Cronix – The beginning of a new era

With the Cronix, we are once again breaking new ground. The Adaptive Airfoil System generates a considerable increase in low end power. The trailing edge bridle creates more lift through the curvature of the kite profile when powering up, simultaneously helping relaunch, whether by reverse start or by pulling a steering line. The effectiveness of the trailing edge bridle can be adjusted within seconds on the kite, just like the bar forces – so that every rider has the right kite to match his/her preferences.

Allround Performance – Easy Handling

Fast kiteloops, breathtaking freestyle tricks, hard cut-backs off the lip, sporty flight feeling and an enormous wind range…It is crystal clear: The adjustment features of the Cronix have enabled us to create a true allrounder, however it is not just a trusty companion for every kind of kitesurfing. The Cronix is a pleasantly smooth and uncomplicated kite to fly, with a lot of on-demand potential. Relaunching is easy for novices even in the lightest winds, cruisers will immediately feel at home with the Cronix and wake- & freestylers have the ultimate drug at their disposal with the Cronix. Last but not least – although the kite can hold its own in the waves with purebred wave kites, this does not mean that jumps have to take a back seat – the Cronix is a true allrounder.

Flysurfer Quality

Thanks to our X-GLOO division, we have gained years of experience in building and designing inflatable constructions. We put this experience to good use in the Cronix, likewise the past six months were pure testing and fine-tuning. With Flysurfer, you can be sure that only thoroughly tested materials make it into our end products – from each individual line to each small piece of cloth in the canopy. We have replaced pulleys on the front lines with maintenance-free, durable low-friction-rings. We put a lot of effort into the development of our Free Flow Valve, which means that pumping now requires much less effort than ever before – and we were even able to successfully optimize the pump!

The Ready-to-Fly CRONIX package consists of:

1x Cronix Kite “ready-to-fly” 1x Infinity 2.0 Bar (including 21m flying line set) 1x R.E.D. Pump (with valve adapter) 1x Manual Kite (en/deu) & 1x Manual Bar (de/en/fr/it) 1x Self Launcher Bag 1x Repair Kit (inclusive Safety Leash, Depower Line, Sand Bag and further spare parts) 1x Kite Bag

Tech specs

When we start with such a new project like the Cronix, we start at zero and examine everything from the construction of the kite, to the kite system itself and go into great detail in regard to the selection of the best materials. Then it is on to testing and even more examination, until at the end the most one-of-a-kind product has been born. We can state with pride: Even though the sport of kitesurfing/kiteboarding has been developing for over a decade, innovations are being introduced to the market in 2013!

Adaptive Airfoil

Profile adjustment – exactly when you want it – this is the idea behind the Adaptive Airfoil System. Every sailor trims his sail with increased bow in lighter winds and flatter for stronger winds. Airplane wings adjust their flaps. Previously, leading edge inflatable kites were limited to one profile only. The Cronix makes it possible for the first time to adjust the profile of the kite during flight. This is possible through a minimalistic trailing edge bridle which has large effect. Especially noticeable on the excellent low end of the Cronix. A knot system on the kite quickly adjusts the amount of effect the trailing edge bridle has on the kite. But that is not the only advantage: Increased control of the trailing edge also helps enormously with relaunch, whether in light winds or by reverse launch.

Tuning Options

You want different characteristics from a kite, according to your own riding style. The wakestyler, for instance, wants more bar force and less hangtime. Freeriders want just the opposite. Both can be adjusted quickly and easily on the kite, since along with the already mentioned “camber”, or profile adjustment of the trailing edge, there is also a simple bar force adjustment option.

Free Flow Inflation

We had to make pumping even easier for those already spoiled by our ram-air foil kites. So we developed a new valve – with a larger opening for increased air intake and easier operation – and it even works in the coldest of temperatures. As well as our new Single-Inflation-System there is an additional standard valve, which can be used with a compressor, for example. To complete the system we have developed our R.E.D Pump (Reduced Effort Device), which differs significantly from normal kite pumps. It is not only smoother and more durable, under high pressure it switches from double hub to single hub, so that even riders with less strength can achieve the required pressure in the front tube effortlessly.

Self Launcher

With the Self Launcher, we are offering you a tool to help launch the Cronix alone, absolutely stress-free. Position the kite at the edge of the wind window, connect and place the sandbag (included in delivery) on the ground. Then tension the kite lines and the Self Launcher will release automatically at the right moment, launching the kite.


Each cloth, each line and each component has been tested extensively by Flysurfer. We consciously make more work for ourselves in order to guarantee pure worry-free kiting fun. Maintenance-free low-friction-rings replace pulleys on the front lines, reinforcements are implemented wherever viable, and so much more. When it comes to materials and components, we always go for quality and functionality over price.

Infinity 2.0 Bar

infinity2bar-logoThe Cronix package is completed with our proven Infinity 2.0 Control Bar which has been impressing riders since its introduction to the market. Key features include our safe & dependable Quick Release and super smooth line untwisting function even after endless rotations.