Fanatic Strike 14'0 x 26 SUP Board 2017

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The Strike is a zero compromise flatwater racing hull. Developed for pure function and top speeds, it’s the weapon of choice for both glassy and choppy water racing; it’s the formula needed to win races.

Design details

Our Strike received a complete facelift for 2017. Our team worked hard to increase the Strikes stability and give the rider 100 % confidence with every stroke. The result is a new range of Strikes, which deliver unlimited speed and the required balance to stay ahead when the going gets rough. Two 14’0” racing hulls in widths of 24” & 26”, as well as the 12’6” × 25”, come in our high tech Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish technology, including a specially designed RTM Race fin.

  • Minimum curved scoop rocker line from tail to nose for maximized waterline and clean release
  • Narrow, parallel outlines for highest speeds and efficiency
  • Slightly wider nose and tail for increased stability and even more parallel outline
  • New nose shape for perfect transition from cutting through water to actually lift the board and get on the plane
  • Wide square tail allows for quick kick turning and additional stability
  • New bottom shape with hard release edges from centre to tail and at bottom at the standing area for maximum stability
  • Flat V-deck shape in the standing area for quick water drainage
  • Increased volume especially in the tail to keep the board above the water at all times, pulled all the way to the rails for maximum stability
  • Low volume curve in the nose to minimize side wind effects and reduced nose weight
  • CAD analysed precision

Tech specs

STRIKE 14'0" × 26”

Volume: 271 l

Width: 26” / 66 cm

Length: 14'0” / 426.7 cm

Weight: TBA

Fittings: SUP RACE M 19.5cm RTM / US Box

Recommended User Weight: 70-90 kg

Mastfoot Insert: No

Article Number: 13700-1112

Colour Codes: 186 C / White (unfinished)