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    Fanatic Fly Eco SUP Board 2019
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Fanatic Fly Eco SUP Board 2019

£1,415.78 ex VAT (USD1,946.27)
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The 2019 Fanatic Fly Eco stand up paddle board is more than just a field study of what’s possible in terms of eco-friendly technology. Built with Flax, Cork and Wood instead of a classic glass and PVC sandwich, it embodies Fanatic's Ocean Minded spirit like no other board. It also happens to look absolutely stunning!

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Design details

SIZES: 9'6" | 10'6"

Fanatic have been focused on sustainability for years, exploring the options to build and deliver more eco friendly products to the industry – you can see this by looking for their Ocean Minded logo on every Fanatic Board they have produced in recent years. The Fly Eco embodies this spirit like no other board in our range.

Bio Resin is used throughout the entire Fanatic composite range, but the Fly Eco and its field of use allows us to go further. A Flax / Cork sandwich in the deck and a beautiful wood veneer bottom leaves this board entirely without PVC, and reduces the use of glass fibre to the minimum. No additional colours have been used under the reduced graphics, leaving the Fly’s inner values to shine through the deck and bottom with pure beauty.

A special board with a unique flex creates a fun responsive feeling beneath your feet and less impact on the environment. Stay ›Ocean Minded‹!

Built with Flax, Cork, Wood and Bio Resin instead of the classic Glass and PVC sandwich, Fanatic Eco technology uses sustainable plant based raw materials wherever possible, without compromising performance.


  • Eco friendly Flax / Cork and Wood veneer layup with FSC sourced wood from sustainable forestry
  • Built entirely without oil based PVC
  • Available in two sizes: 9’6” & 10’6”
  • Flat deck with volume pulled out to the rails for stability
  • True surfing rocker line with a flat into full V bottom for engaging carving sensations off the tail
  • Low nose entry for effortless wave catching and glide
  • Sharp tail edges with softer rails through to the nose for smooth power riding and drive through the turns
  • Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

Tech specs

FLY ECO 9'6"

Volume: 151 l
Width: 31'' / 78.7 cm
Length: 9'6'' / 289.6 cm
Weight: 9.9 kg
Fittings: US Box, Multi-Box Side Fins / 1x 8”, 2x 4 3/4
Recommended User Weight: 45-75 kg
Mastfoot Insert: Yes

FLY ECO 10'6"

Volume: 177 l
Width: 31” / 78.7 cm
Length: 10’6" / 320 cm
Weight: 10.9 kg
Fittings: US Box, Multi-Box Side Fins / 1x 8”, 2x 4 3/4
Recommended User Weight: 65-88 kg
Mastfoot Insert: Yes