Fanatic Fly Air XL Inflatable SUP Board 2015

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XL Fun! Why paddle alone when you can have loads of fun with up to 7 friends on one giant Paddleboard!

Design details

Designed by C4 Waterman and tested in the toughest waves of Hawaii and Australia, the Fly Air XL can be used at your local break for super fun waveriding, or on flat water and for river tours.

The Fly XL is supplied with multiple handles for easy carrying and for holding on when going faster or down a wave. Easily inflatable, stiff and stable, it comes with 2 Bravo standard pumps, and deflates quickly, rolling up into a compact size for easy transportation.

Made of strong, durable, heavy-duty Single Layer Technology, the Fly Air XL is just perfect for a bigger group of friends, paddle groups or school classes to have fun on – no matter if tours, races or going down the wave, it´s just the ideal Fun/Familyboard for more people!


  • Heavy Duty Single Layer Technology
  • Supplied with 2 Bravo SUP Standard Pumps
  • Multiple handles for easy transport/holding on
  • Heavy duty, durable Tarpaulin PVC
  • Stiff and stable in all water conditions
  • Stainless steel D-ring attachments
  • Inflates to 8-12 psi
  • Deflates quickly
  • Rolls up for portability

Tech specs

FLY AIR XL 17' X 78.5"

Volume: 1600 l Width: 78.5" / 199.4 cm Length: 17' / 518 cm Thickness: 6.5" / 20 cm Fittings: No fin

STRINGER TECHNOLOGY Utilizing the best drop-stitch material available on the market, the Stringer Technology provides a perfect ratio of durability, weight and price. The material used for the Fly Air is a durable Tarpaulin PVC. On the inside of the Fly Air thousands of nylon threads connect the deck with the bottom of the board to keep it in a functional and performing shape.