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    Fanatic Flow S1 SUP Foil 2018
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Fanatic Flow S1 SUP Foil 2018

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Fanatic Flow S1 SUP Foil 2018: Our SUP Wave Foil Flow S1 opens up a whole new world of riding waves. Catch barely breaking swell or fly over slower sections with power and speed – the S1 outperforms the conditions every time.

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Design details

SUP foiling requires a certain skill level, so our main objective was to make the S1 as accessible and easy to ride as possible. A large front wing, with a thick profile, adds stiffness and is the key for lifting power at low speeds in smaller surf. The anhedral wing tips help with roll stability and control, preventing wing tip ventilation during turns. Combined with a perfectly trimmed back wing design, we were able to develop a foil which remains easy, yet has great manoeuvrability, speed and control.

With a high specification aluminium mast, it’s strong and extra stable with a solid 4 screw connection piece adjustable to the best possible position on your board. Taking durability to the next level, the back wing and fuselage of our Flow S1 are made from Carbon Compound, whilst the front wing is a lightweight yet durable Carbon Composite part.

Believing that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy this exhilarating ride, our Flow S1 Foil is easy to use, premium quality and great value for money.


Mast Length: 65 cm

Fuselage Length: 75 cm

Front Wing Wingspan: 80 cm

Front Wing Surface: 1024 cm2

Back Wing Wingspan: 38 cm

Box System: 4 Way System M8

Material: Aluminium (Mast & Base) / Carbon Composite (Front Wing) / Carbon Compound (Fuselage & Backwing)

Article Number: 13800-3511