Fanatic Allwave SUP Board 2014

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Simple surfing – that’s what the AllWave is built to do.

Design details

Sizes: 8'6 | 8'11 | 9'1 | 9'5 | 9'10

The AllWave range comes in 5 sizes – 8´6˝ / 8´11˝ / 9´1˝ / 9´5˝ / 9´10˝. Easy, accessible and fun, the AllWave is called the »Big Boy’s« performance board, however will also take SUP boardsurfers on to their first waves and let them progress into larger surf. Based on the successful design of the first AllWaves, for 2014 we have updated the range with 3 new shapes – 8´11˝ / 9´1˝ / 9´5˝ – offering paddlers even more options for catching waves.

These new shapes maintain the AllWave’s friendly accessibility while offering excellent maneuverability on the wave. The slightly wider-around-the-center outline, combined with a more pulled-in nose and a rounded squash tail offers plenty of stability, adding performance with less swing weight. The windsurf mast base insert lets you easily attach a sail for fun on flat water or in the surf. A true surfing scoop rocker line and added nose kick finish out the AllWave’s performance characteristics. Surf with confidence on the AllWave.

Key features

*Compact outline with extra width and pulled-in performance nose *Rounded squash tail *Balanced volume flow with a flat deck for secure stance *Bottom shape: Mono concave entry transitioning into a V / double concave, offering for easy wave catching and maximum drive *Real surf scoop rocker line with added nose kick, to prevent any nose diving *Thruster (2+1) fin set up *CAD designed and analyzed *Lower rail profile, slightly wider to give more sporty performance but still the stability AllWave customers know and love *Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

HIGH RESISTANCE SKIN (HRS) High resistance composite technology – an optimum weight and durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the board hull a high strength, ding and impact resistance. Strategic use of glass reinforcements ensures an adequate stiffness. Used on the ProWave HRS, AllWave HRS, Ray, Fly HRS, Falcon HRS as well as on the Ripper with a kids-friendly EVA deck.