Cabrinha Genesis 2016 Kite

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The Cabrinha Genesis 2016 kite is a scaled down, no strut inflatable kite, designed to teach students how to operate a fully functioning 4 line kite.

Design details

The Cabrinha Genesis 2016 inflatable trainer kite is perfect to demonstrate real world techniques of water launching by pulling on the left or right leader lines, and the important techniques of operating a 1X security system. The 2016 Genesis is designed to be used with a standard Overdrive control system so students will be familiar with all the control and security features by the time they get on the water for their first lesson.

Size: 2.0m

Features & Benefits:

  • No struts
  • Interactive 4-line control and handling
  • Excellent relaunch
  • Heaps of depower
  • Compatible with Overdrive 1X & 1X Control Systems.

Tech specs

Cabrinha’s exclusive line of high-quality woven fabrics has been designed specifically for kitesurfing. Unlike many of the generic sailcloths available in today’s kites, the Volae materials have been specially developed to Cabrinha's exact specifications. The development process has taken over 5 years to create this dedicated kite material, which delivers the lowest stretch and highest durability on the market.
Power Control settings quickly adjust the power level of the kite. Each rear line “pig tail” connector has three power positions which you can connect to. The middle position is the factory recommended position. Create more power by connecting the knot closest to the kite or less power by connecting to the knot closest to the rider.
All Cabrinha kites are designed and built on a Skeletal Frame foundation. We start by placing the most durable, 160 gsm Dacron material into a framework that locks in the intended shape. Cabrinha then create the canopy shape and profiles with a light weight yet highly durable 53 gsm polyester woven material.

Cabrinha build on the durability of the canopy material with a second layer of 53 gsm two-ply material over the high stress strut sections. Next, they layer into the perimeter a 75 gsm, double ripstop reinforcement material to combat the extreme loads that are placed on the trailing edge and wing tip areas of the kite.

Finally, Cabrinha complete the kite with details such as moulded EVA chafe protectors, robust leading edge protectors, and triple row stitching at the high stress inter-segment seams near the centre of the kite. They seal it all up with a woven nylon ribbon reinforcement on the leading edge closing seam.