Cabrinha 1X Control Bar 2016 with Trimlite

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The 2016 1X Control System is Cabrinha's ultra light weight, fixed length control system. The non-adjustable control bar features the QuickLoop opening harness loop and utilises Cabrinha's all new TrimLight cleat system.

Design details

The Carbinha QuickLoop’s safe and simple activation of single line flagging makes it possible to kill the power of the kite so it will rest motionless on the water or land. The TrimLite Cleat is a light weight, simple trim system, that uses a 2:1 purchase to give your kite the perfect balance and trim to match the changing wind conditions.

Sizes: 44cm / 52cm / 60cm Fixed Length Bar

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra light-weight, fixed length system
  • TrimLite Cleat™ allows precise and positive trim adjustment
  • Incredibly simple activation and resetting of the 1X Security System
  • Soft EVA ends float the entire bar
  • Low V - Direct steering
  • Internalized lines - Abrasion & clutter free
  • Depower on Demand - Interactive power control


INTERNALIZED LINES Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Internalized Lines
The protective PU tube allows us to run the depower mainline and the 1X landing line through the center of the bar without the risk of abrasion or tangling.
LOW-V Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Low V
Cabrinha have lowered the front line connection to the CAS in order to provide a more direct and immediate response from your bar input.
1X Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 1X Security System
The 1X is not a depower system, it is a full blown shut down system. The 1X relies on only one line to immediately shut down the power of the kite whether it be on land or water in all wind conditions.
DEPOWER ON DEMAND Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Depower on Demand
Cabrinha introduced Depower on Demand in 2005 along with our revolutionary Crossbow kite. Even today, every Cabrinha kite (except the Chaos) incorporates Depower on Demand as the default method to precisely control the power of a kite.
FLOATING BAR ENDS Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Ergonomic Floating Bar Ends
The EVA ends are buoyant enough to float the entire control system with lines attached. The tips have Flex grooves which aid in bending the tips while winding your lines onto the bar or while steering your kite.

Tech specs


1X Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 1X CONTROL SYSTEM
Cabrinha's non-adjustable ultra light weight control system is recognised as the most ergonomic control system on the market. It boasts all of the safety features you need, while maintaining a sleek and clean look.
Cabrinha's new customized compact stainless steel TrimLite Cleat, allows precise and positive trim adjustment. The light weight design has an elasticized trim line, and internalized mainline and landing lines protected with PU tubing, which gives you the bare essentials with perfect balance and trim to match the changing wind conditions.


QuickLoop is an opening harness loop connection designed to work specifically with Cabrinha's 1X single line flagging system. Its defining feature is its ridiculously simple operation. When you activate the 1X’s single line flagging system, the power of your kite is immediately killed and will rest motionless on the water or land.

The main quick release (QR) is a push away release with a catch that holds the QR in the released position until you are ready to reconnect. To reconnect, simply push the open end of the loop into place, and the latch will automatically engage the loop. Dropping the QR body back down secures the loop back into place.

CENTRE FLAGGING LINE CONNECTION Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Centralized flagging line connection point
Ensures a tangle free leash during rotations. Swiveling connection also helps to avoid flagging line twists.
MULTI BORE Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Multi bore tubing protection system
Dual chamber PU tubing houses and protects the 1X security line and the depower mainline.
SPINNING HANDLE Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Spinning handle
Ultimate control for unwinding front line twists. Indexed top piece allows advanced riders to easily hook back in without removing their hands from the bar.
QUICK RELEASE Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Push away quick release
Industry standard QR system gives full confidence for reliable activation in all conditions.
SECURITY PIN Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Removable centralized security pin
COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY Cabrinha 1X Trimlite Bar 2016 Comprehensive safety
New safety feature allows for QR1 activation even with bar fully sheeted in.


For use w/ CHAOS kite only
Adjustable Yes Yes Fixed Fixed
Size(s) 48 to 56cm / 57-65cm 48 to 56cm 44, 52, 60cm 44cm
Trim Recoil (CAS) TrimLite Cleat TrimLite Cleat TrimLite Cleat
Security 1X 1X 1X 1X
Depower on Demand Yes Yes Yes No
Connection QuickLoop QuickLoop QuickLoop QuickLoop
Lines 4 4 4 6
Line Length 22 / 22+2 (XL) 22 22 22
Leash Short Short Short Pro (long)
Bar Ends Ergonomic EVA Ergonomic EVA Ergonomic EVA Ergonomic EVA
Low V Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internalized Lines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bar Grip Moderate Moderate Moderate Aggressive
Loop Size 23 23 23 26
Bar Bag Nylon bag Nylon bag None None