Billabong Xero Furnace CZ 4/3 Wetsuit 2015

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The Xero Furnace is Billabong's premium cold-water wetsuit, designed specifically for warmth and comfort. Utilising the most advanced materials and construction techniques coupled with an exclusive new 'Xero Dry' entry system the Xero Furnace is the warmest, most comfortable performance wetsuit ever created.

Design details

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It's time you met Xero Foam. As our finest expression of wetsuit innovation, this unique material out performs all other neoprenes on any level. Its oxygenated process creates a neoprene sponge that's softer, more flexible and warmer than its competitors. Featured throughout our entire Xero wetsuit line, you can expect your next session to be one of your very best.

Xero foam, stitchless welded seam construction, dry max furnace lining, a contour grip skin collar, dry max entry system to block out water, a dislocation horizontal chest zip entry that provides a bigger opening for easy ins and outs, strategic paddle panels for maximum flexibility, liquid dipped silicon wrist cuffs that provide a tight pressure seal, fused wrist cuff edges to better seal the cuffs, pre bent back knees for enhanced comfort, 3D moulded supratex knee pads for added flexibility.

Materials: Airlite S Flex Superflex Neoprene

Contour grip skin collar
The utilization of new 3d pre-formed profiling has allowed the design team to create a collar, which molds perfectly to the contours of the human neck. The result - more comfort, less chafe.

Xero dry entry system
The xero dry entry system is a dislocating horizontal chest zip entry system containing an internal membrane, which creates a watertight barrier eliminating flushing without making the suit harder to get into.

Dislocating horizontal chest zip entry
While most horizontal chest zips tighten from left to right, the xero wetsuit tightens from right to left. The reversed design relieves pressure on the zip teeth for durability and creates a larger opening for easy entry.

Strategic paddle panels
Engineered to maximise the performance of the material, designed to stretch, fit and function for comfort and chafe free surfing.

Xero foam
Increased oxygenation during the foam-blowing process creates the lightweight, durable insulation material from which the suit is built.

Dry max furnace lining
Exclusive to billabong, this lightweight internal thermal lining comprises 2 uniquely functioning layers, which keep you warmer and drier without sacrificing weight or flexibility.

Stitchless welded seam construction
Designed for watertight durability, the xero stitchless seem eliminates the need for stitching by utilizing welded seams throughout the entirety of the suit. The result - less tears, less leakages, more flex.

Liquid dipped silicon wrist cuffs
Provide a watertight seal, reducing flushing and abrasion without the need for additional panels, seems or stitching.

Fused wrist cuff edges
Provides a bevelled welded edge to eliminate water-entry.

Airlite superflex split neo tape
New airlite superflex 0.5mm split neo tape creates a smoother more watertight finish on the internal lining.

Pre bent back knee
Moulds to the natural form of the back knee and hugs comfortably the upper and lower back leg muscles.

3D moulded supratex knee pads
Pre-bent, durable and flexible.