Bic 9'10" DURA-TEC SUP Board 2014

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The new 9’10 is a shorter, wider board with plenty of floatation.

Design details

A usable deck area for family fun, especially exploring lakes and other flat, still water. A hybrid vee-shaped bow improves both glide and tracking despite the boards shorter length. The added stability and flat deck make the 9’10 a great board for fitness and yoga. A reassuringly solid multi-purpose board.

KEY FEATURES *Keeled nose - Enhanced tracking and increased glide. *Full rail-to-rail volume - Enhanced stability, maximum use of the entire deck and a dry ride. *Attachment points - four deck attachment points for securing gear and easy transport. *Flat deck - Perfect for family fun, cruising, fitness & yoga.

The SUPs in the DURA-TEC range are the toughest SUPs on the market : the combination of a highly resistant polyethylene skin and a high density polyurethane foam core makes for boards that are built to last. But they’re also high quality designs with the versatility to be at home on both flat water and in small waves. The ideal school/beginner SUP.

Tech specs

Data specs

*Length: 9'10"

*Width: 32.5"

*Thickness: 4.6"

*Weight: 40lbs

*Central Fin: FCS SUP Touring 9"

*Shaper: Patrice Remoiville


DURA-TEC Premium Durability

*Ultra-Durable Polyethylene Outer Shell *Watertight Polyurethane Foam Inner Core *Mousse polyuréthane *Fully Integrated FCS Fin Box