Best Sting Pro Kite Surfboard 2014

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The Sting Pro delivers strapless perfection by blending new manufacturing technologies with timeless hand finished construction.

Design details

Cut yourself loose

Size 6’0 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/16

*Tuff-Tech Ballistic Mesh, impact resistant and massively durable *Modern short board shape for bigger waves and down the line riding *PU Core and Hand Finished polyester lay-up *Rounded narrow tail with Thruster fins for perfect carving *Designed for strapless riding

The Sting Pro is built using our exclusive Tuff-Tech Surf Grid construction and is hand finished in polyester resin over a PU foam core. By combining classic hand shaping techniques with our advanced Tuff-Tech Surf Grid our shaper has been able to create a strapless board that combines perfect flex and feel underfoot with outrageous durability.

Shaped with a narrow rounded tail and carrying less volume in the rails the Sting Pro grips the water to counteract the lift that can be created when you transition your kite. With a narrower outline capable of charging at speed the Sting pro is perfect for down the line riding. If you think straps should only be seen on flip flops and are looking for a hand shaped board to help you take your riding to the next level then it’s time you cut yourself loose moved up to the Sting Pro.

Foam Core PU core/polyester lay-up for classic custom board feel underfoot.

Hand Made Hand finished, built by surfers for surfers, not made by machine.

Thruster Tri-Fin A tri-fin thruster set-up provides you with control for carving and retains stability at speed.

Tuff Tech Ballistic Mesh Tuff-Tech Surf Ballistic Mesh, more flex, more feel and maximum durability.

Nuno’s Vision

Grips when you need it and feels like a magic carpet under your feet. It's supple and powerful.

Nuno Figueiredo