Best KB4Girls Kiteboard 2014

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Girls looking for a performance freeride and newschool board tuned specifically for female riders.

Design details

includes Mercury Pad & Strap System, Handle, Fins

Size: 130cm

The one every girl wants

*Female specific Freeride and New School board *Lightweight Supremo Paulownia wood core for comfortable flex and precise control *Narrower stance width and inserts offset to heel rail to suit smaller feet *Pre Preg layup up to 700gr lighter than other moulded layups

Girls looking for a performance freeride and newschool board tuned specifically for female riders, with a softer flex pattern and female specific features should book a date with the KB4Girls. The KB4Girls is uniquely designed for the needs of female riders. It has been created with the input of participants at KB4Girls events all around the globe and for the third year running it remains Kristin Boese’s go-to board for riding and teaching.

The KB4Girls is built around a lightweight Supremo wood core shaped for comfortable flex and precise control; it is the ideal twintip for Girls looking for a lightweight board that they can session all day. Compatible with straps and bindings the Kb4Girls is designed with the inserts offset towards the heel rail and comes with a narrower stance width and smaller fins customized for the female frame that will allow you to edge and pop like a pro and show the guys how it’s done.

The KB4Girls uses our exclusive, Pre-Preg Lay-up with Vari Flex. Stronger and lighter with more progressive damping the KB4Girls handles better than the competition. At up to 500 grams lighter than similar twintips the KB4Girls is the perfect fit for the way you ride.

Because you want to use the same board to practice your latest tricks, take in sunset sessions with your friends and tackle even the choppiest conditions in comfort and with complete confidence you owe it to yourself to ride the KB4Girls- the one every girl wants.

Pre Preg Layup 100% Pre-Preg construction is lighter by up to 700gms compared to other layup methods and delivers the optimum strength to weight ratio. Low fat becasue every gram counts. Exclusive to Best.

Supremo Wood Core The Supremo wood core is CNC machined to be stiffer and more precise than out Wood Flex core and it's ideally suited to any rider looking for the lightest wood core to help push their level.

Uni D Unidirectional pre-preg tape reinforcement enhances torsion control for more pop and reinfrorces your strap and boot inserts.

Vari Flex A unique variable lay-up pattern above and below the core offers unmatched flex control and rebound damping. Vari Flex gives you outrageous pop and chop smoothing ability all in one board and it is exclusive to Best.

Designer’s Vision

The KB4girls participants were super excited to be able to help to develop the KB4girls board and their feedback made this years board even better, lighter and perfectly suited for female kiters. It makes me so happy to see that BEST steps up to support the girls and women around the world and is dedicated to supply them with the best products most suited to them!

Franz Schitzhofer